Hell’s Paradise | DUB TRAILER

Nazeeh Tarsha (Genshin Impact), Jill Harris (Gundam: The Witch from Mercury), and Cassie Ewulu (Shin Ultraman) voice Gabimaru’s respective death row inmates Aza Chobe, Yuzuriha, and Nurugai. Voicing the parole officers (or Yamada) will be Matt Shipman (My Hero Academia) as Toma, Reagan Murdock (Chainsaw Man) as Shion, Ben Balmaceda (Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel) as Tenza, and Jordan Dash Cruz (Octopath Traveler II) as Senta.


New episodes of Hell’s Paradise premiere Saturdays on Crunchyroll, with voice actors for regions such as Germany, France, and Latin America said to be revealed “soon.”

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