Help Chris See The World

Chris, our photographer, wants to go explore the world and take you along for the ride. Here's how you can help send him to Iceland, Cambodia and even further.


Chris's story is familiar. He went to a good school, got a good job and was generally headed in the "right" direction. At least so far as conforming to society's expectations went. Then, he got outside, and saw something a little more significant than a nice salary and going out for dinner. Now, he wants to chase that feeling and see where it takes him.

The plan is spend four months traveling through the wilds of Iceland, Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia, if not elsewhere too. He wants to produce a book of his images and shoot a documentary film about the experience. But, all that costs money. Something in short supply for someone who, this morning, quit his cushy day job at an ad agency. And that's where you come in. Here's his Kickstarter.

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