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Help Me Obi Wan, Here Is My Augmented Reality Business Card

Illustration for article titled Help Me Obi Wan, Here Is My Augmented Reality Business Card

Jonas Jäger has taken this whole augmented reality thing from oh-cute! status to holy-frack-that's-cool position. His business card will make the owner appear like a 3D hologram, displaying Twitter information in real time, plus all kinds of cool stuff.


Not surprisingly, according to Jonas, his inspiration for the Augmented Business Card was Star Wars:

While developing my concept it was very important to me that everybody should be able to create such a businesscard and present himself to the audience. Also i am a Star Wars fan and i liked the idea of displaying the person as a kind of "hologram" :)


The good news is that everyone in the galaxy—the Galaxy of Dorks—will be able to get this: The source code will be available soon in his website. [Toxin via Make]

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I still don't understand augmented reality for business cards. Is there some type of camera or something I have to look through to see someones business card working. Are the cards not standard business cards Can anyone actually use this stuff? I mean i don't get the point. I can pull up after effects and fake the same thing if all it is happens to be a video.