Image: YouTube/Celi Cel

Go almost anywhere these days and they’re out there, lurking. At our festivals. By our pools. Even in our prisons. Drones have now infiltrated just about every area of human society, as a member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony learned recently when a quadcopter savagely bonked him at his own concert.

A video obtained by TMZ shows the complete attack, which occurred during a rendition of “Budsmokers Only” on Sunday. Apparently taking exception to the ‘90s hip-hop collective’s exclusionary practices, a nearby drone beaned group member Flesh-n-Bone something wicked.


According to the Associated Press, the Bone Thug “winced and grabbed his head, but he and the rest of the group didn’t stop the show or even the song,” which is fortunate, considering it could have gone a whole lot worse.




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