Here are 12 of the best long takes in movie history

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There are few legal things that can teleport you to another world as well as an excellent long film take in a movie. When those happen—think of those scenes in Children of Men or Goodfellas—you don't feel like you're watching a movie anymore, you feel like you're seeing it happen in real life. Like you're right next to them. I love it. CineFix lists what they think are the 12 top long takes ever filmed in this video compilation below.


Here's the full list:

  1. Children of Men's car scene
  2. Snake Eyes's boxing match
  3. Goodfellas' Copacabana Lounge
  4. Gravity's opening shot
  5. Touch of Evil's bomb sequence
  6. The Player's opening shot
  7. Hard Boiled's hospital shootout
  8. Weekend's traffic jam scene
  9. Atonement's beach sequence
  10. The Mirror's burning barn scene
  11. The Protector's restaurant fight scene

What's missing?

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This list was clearly put together by sci-fi nerds and not film nerds. What about Hitchcock's "Rope" or "Russian Ark" or "I am Cuba?" You have none of those, but you have "Children of Men" and "Snake Eyes?" Adding those two in negates anything else you say about amazing long takes.