Here Are Famous Photographers Posing with Their Even More Famous Photographs

You've seen these pictures a million times. In real life, on the internet, on T-shirts, in magazines, in your head. The most famous photographs in history are as familiar to you as a family member. But you probably never seen the photographers who froze those moments in time. You probably have no idea what they look like. You do now.

Behind Photographs' goal is to archive photographic legends, photographing the photographer, if you will. You have Jeff Widener, who captured Tank Man, and Douglas Kirkland, who photographed Marilyn Monroe, and many others posing with their work, showing you what they see. It's like being stuck between a photographic wall of mirrors. You're looking at a photograph but the photographers looking at you facing the photograph held up by the photographer...


It's like meeting people you already know for the first time.

You can see more of the project Behind Photographs here. [Behind Photographs via BuzzFeed]


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