At long last! Sorry for the delay guys, but here are your winners for the Beautiful and Embarrassing iPad Etching contest, sponsored by our friends at Epilog and Adafruit.


We got tons of entries, so it was hard to whittle them down. Although, so many people did dumb stuff like move the Apple logo (or cover it up completely) or used color that it made it easier to cut it down to a more reasonable number. Don't you people understand what etching is??

In any case, picking the winners was very hard. Especially the beautiful ones, which came down to two that I absolutely love and would put on my iPad in a hot second. The winner, by Steve Alvarez, is clearly just straight-up badass in every conceivable way.

Winner! - Steve Alvarez


But he had tough competition from Jackson Armstrong, who really blew me away with this entry:

Runner Up - Jackson Armstrong


As for embarrassing entries, well, lots of horrifying, gross entries, as I expected. But one stood out for its sheer disgustingness. If any of them fulfilled the rule asking for something that anyone would be ashamed to bring out in public, well, it's this one. The pun really put it over the edge.

Winner! - Al F.


This one is just about as gross and was a close second to that comely Sadaam.

Runner Up - Jennilee Garcia


And here's a gallery of some of the rest of our favorites that came close, but didn't quite get a free iPad.

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Epilog and Adafruit for supplying the iPads and laser etchings, respectively! Winners, you should be hearing from Phil from Adafruit in the very near future about getting your etchings set up. If you don't hear soon, shoot me an email.