There are a number of amazing things about this video, including the absolutely breathtaking close-ups of a jellyfish that lives in the strange world beneath the thick ice that covers the waters around the Antarctic. What's truly incredible is that one of these divers is the brilliant composer and musician Henry Kaiser, who has spent a great deal of time living at Antarctica's McMurdo station, creating music inspired by his experiences there. So the wistful guitar tune you hear in the video was created especially for it, by a musician trying to capture this experience in sound. It's both humble and haunting.

You'll see at the end of the sequence that the jellyfish succumbs to the laws of the deep. Its tentacles are trapped by a group of anemones, who are slowly reeling it in for a meal.

Here's another Kaiser video, with music by Terry Riley, created to accompany a video of seals beneath the Antarctic ice.


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