Here's a New Version of Harley Quinn to Get Very Excited About

All images: Telltale Games
All images: Telltale Games

25 years after her debut on Batman: The Animated Series, Harleen Quinzel’s gone through a lot of changes. Harley’s various iterations have offered up different proportions of wackiness, tragedy and, uh, randiness. The one coming to Batman: The Enemy Within looks like she doesn’t take any guff. From anyone.

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Telltale Games has sent out the first look at their version of Harleen Quinzel this morning, two weeks after the first installment of their new episodic Batman game. The art seems to confirm some of my speculation about the character: she’s definitely in charge of what appears to be a very lucrative and successful criminal enterprise, all on her own with no Clown Prince of Crime in sight.

As for her relationships with the Dark Knight and not-yet-Joker John Doe, we’ll see how that all plays out when episode two of Batman: The Enemy Within drops on September 26.

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So she’ll just be a hard criminal bosswoman that happens to dress as a clown?(there’s no joker yet, is she not gonna have a connection?) Is she at least gonna be funny? Maybe the keep their abusive past and that’s why she’s so tough?

Are they going for a type of Heath ledger Harley?

It kinda screams edgy to me, but eh. I’m waiting to see her speak, wondering is she’ll be serious or upbeat, and who voices her.