Here's a Simple Card Trick You Can Learn in a Minute

Our friends at BoingBoing put together a video to show you a simple and fun card trick that anyone can learn in no time: Using a deck of playing cards, make three piles of three cards each. Flip a pile over to note the bottom card and then combine all three piles into one, making sure that the pile you flipped over is on top. After that, spell out the card you saw.


If you had the two of spades. Simply spell out T-W-O while dealing a card face down on top of each other. Stop and then put the leftover cards on top of the three cards you dealt. Spell out O-F while dealing. Put the leftover cards on top. Spell out S-P-A-D-E-S, put cards on top. Then spell out M-A-G-I-C while dealing cards but on 'C', deal the card face up. It'll be the two of spades.

The trick, which was invented by magician Jim Steinmeyer, works because of the wonderful world of math. Basically, the sequence of which you spell out the words strategically moves the card you revealed to be placed in the 5th position of your 9 card pile. So when you flip the card over on 'C' (the fifth letter in Magic), the card you're looking for will be right there. I've been doing this trick over and over and giggling to myself every time. [BoingBoing]

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