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Here's BBM Doing Everything You Wish iMessage Could

At first blush there's a lot to like about BB10, BlackBerry (née RIM)'s last great hope at redemption. But the first thing you might love is the revamped BBM. It's crazy slick, and your iPhone is jealous.


What can you do with the new BBM? Reliable messaging, for one, which alone gives it a hand up on iOS. Free calls over Wi-Fi is pretty handy, too. But it's also got some gorgeous video chat, and a screen-sharing feature that lets you share whatever's on your mobile desktop with someone halfway around the world.


They're features we'd heard about before, but promises and execution are entirely different things. Let's just hope our hands-on testing shows off features that function as seamlessly as they seem to.

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I thought it was a common understanding that iMessage just flat out sucks?

Am I wrong?

I mean I never heard anything good about it, I assumed people were jealous of a messaging system that actually works instead of just now being jelous with an improved BBM.

No seriously, am I wrong? lol This is what I thought.