Here's Colbert's Complete Elon Musk Interview From Last Night

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Thursday night's episode of The Colbert Report included a pretty lengthy interview with multi-industry mad scientist Elon Musk. Missed it because you were asleep (old fart) or don't own a TV (commie)? Don't sweat, we've got you covered.

Here's the full episode on Hulu, naturally with some commercial interruptions. If that's not your speed, here's the Musk-only segments in two parts:


Part 2:

Revelations? The next version of Tesla's car-management software will let you name your car. Elon's got an advance version, and he calls his car Old Faithful. Awwww. And as for those electric car tech patents that Tesla just made available to anyone who wants them:

If we're all in a ship together and there's some holes in the ship, and we're bailing water out, and we have a great design for a bucket, even if we're bailing out way better than everybody else, we should probably share the bucket design.


Unfortunately, in response to Colbert's (and mankind's) question "where's my jetpack?" Musk says he thinks the physics are just too challenging. Damn. [Hulu]

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I am all about going electric for everything, so please don't take this wrong, but if energy companies are still using coal to produce electricity, is it really that much better? Should we start with getting out electricity companies away from coal first?