Here's Proof that Mixing Science and Religion Is Stupid

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Check out this image and pay attention to the second question, the one that, according to the teacher, the kid got "wrong." According to the father, this was from her daughter's geography test. "She added her own answer," he says.


This is exactly what's wrong with science education in democracies where God and state are supposed to be completely separate things, just like faith and religion can't be mixed with observation and science.


As the British priest in the video below says, this is "tantamount to abusing young people's" minds in school. Teaching people that God created Earth in class is not right. It may be a perfectly valid and respectable belief, but obviously it's one that belongs in a church (and even there, I agree with the man of God below), not in a classroom.

Imagine what will happen if the people who don't believe in the separation of church and state, those who believe that kids should be taught creationism in school, get to power. Imagine the same people deciding who the next two the Supreme Court justices are going to be in the next four years.

You do the math. [Reddit—Thanks Karl!]

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"The most correct answer" isn't "the correct answer". The teacher merely tested the students' reading comprehension, and this student, in overzealous atheism completely failed. 'God' was a more correct answer than Zeus, Hercules or Aliens, because in ancient greek and roman mythology, neither created the earth. And as far as I know, there are no mainstream religions that preach the creation of the earth by aliens.

Also, the common creationist viewpoint that the earth is 5000 years old wasn't listed as a possible answer.