Here's the 4K IMAX Camera That's Going to Make 3D Movies Awesome Again

If you thought 3D movies were only a fad that has already come and gone for good, think again. IMAX cameras have been used to shoot 3D films and documentaries for decades now, including immersive content for theme park rides. And the company has just revealed a new fully integrated dual 65mm 4K digital 3D camera that promises to make seeing 3D movies at your local theater worthwhile again.

IMAX is only just going public with the new camera today, but the hardware has actually been in use for a while now. In addition to internal testing within the company, Michael Bay used the camera for filming various action sequences in the upcoming Transformers film, Age of Extinction. So it's definitely one of those rare times when paying extra to see the IMAX version of a film will undoubtedly be worth it.


The camera shoots in true stereo 4K, so both of those lenses are capturing more detail than many digital cinema projectors can display. And while the camera ditches the massive 65 millimeter film IMAX is famous for, the movie-going experience should be the same when seeing the results projected with true IMAX technology in one of its giant theaters.

You can also expect to see more and more content shot in true 4K 3D moving forward, since the relatively compact size of IMAX's new camera means filmmakers aren't limited to where they can take it, or how they can use it. It's still not the kind of gear you'll want to drag along on your next vacation, but compared to analog IMAX cameras of yesteryear, it's remarkably compact. [IMAX]

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