Here's the Best Desk Toy Since Newton's Cradle

Newton's cradle has enjoyed a fantastic run as the go-to distraction toy in offices around the world. But today it's officially dethroned by this hypnotic ferrofluid flask that's basically magnetic magic in a bottle.


Usually reserved for science center demonstrations, ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid composed of microscopic iron particles that form three dimensional shapes and patterns in the presence of a magnetic field. It's like that grade school iron filing magnetic experiment cranked to eleven. And for just $30 you can get your hands on a glob of ferrofluid sealed in a small glass bottle complete with tiny magnets for conducting your own experiments. Just don't expect to meet any deadlines or get anything done the day it arrives.

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Wooly Willy would give it 2 thumbs down (if he had thumbs)...But I like it...