Here's the first trailer for "Paul," Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's alien comedy

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Get the first official look at the sassy, smoking alien grey Seth Rogen lent his voice to in the scifi road trip comedy Paul. Plus it stars Shaun of the Dead's Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. What's not to love?

Paul follows Pegg and Frost on a long road trip to the San Diego Comic Con. Along the way, they pick up an alien hitchhiker, Paul, who is being chased by the government (Jason Bateman). This film is directed by the Greg Mottola of the very funny Superbad — however, many fans are saying that this trailer isn't an accurate representation of Paul.

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Many fans are claiming that the jokes and gags you see here are extremely watered down for public viewing, Screen Rant makes a good point that they're holding out for the red band trailer. Apparently this film is much dirtier than this teaser shows. Excellent.


Paul hits theaters March 18, 2011.

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