Here's Today's Horrific Subreddit That Will Make Your Soul Shrivel

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Now that Reddit has purged itself of interim CEO Ellen Pao, the site can get back to what it’s known for. Namely, subreddits like /r/rapingwomen, which boasts about 2,300 users. Sure, it goes against the anti-harassment policy that Pao created, but we don’t have to worry about that anymore!


This is what you might call the very definition of a subreddit that is designed to make any woman using Reddit feel (as the anti-harassment policy puts it) “fear for their safety.” It contains detailed instructions on how to rape women, and even provides us with philosophical and scientific justifications for why rape is good. Which means it should be banned, if the new leadership at Reddit is going to continue the work Pao started when it comes to halting overt threats on the site.

A 14-part series called “How to Get Away with Rape” by Raymond J. Pistachio has been stickied to the top of the forum. To get an idea of the tone, the series begins with a big thank-you to the men’s rights community, who have fought so hard to prevent false rape accusations. Not that this poster is worried about false accusations, because he’s aiming to do the real thing. The problem? As he explains in part 2 of the series, DNA tests have made stranger rape really hard to pull off without getting caught.

That’s why you have to rape people you know. As he explains:

It’s no secret that anyone you know, anyone you work with, anyone you do business with, anyone you attend classes with, anyone you are casually acquainted with, MIGHT consent to have sex with you. Especially if she’s ever been friendly to you in any way.

And, especially if she drinks.

If she drinks, and if you can get her alone, it’s RAPE TIME!

You don’t need a date rape drug—she drugged herself for you! You don’t need her cooperation—you’re bigger and stronger than her. And last but not least, you don’t need her consent—because it’s going to be a “he-said/she-said” situation. And your word is just as good as hers.

Well that is terrifying. But this message board isn’t just tips and tricks; it’s also full of idea-driven conversations.

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Of course, the subreddit has its own manifesto which begins with this call to arms:

Probably well over 90% of the population views the act of Rape as being bad or evil. But is it? Keep an open mind. There have been many times in history when 90% of the population has been wrong.


One poster, whereismysafespace, offers this helpful philosophical comment about how rape provides a social benefit:

I came upon this thread about rape victims becoming more sexually active after the fact ...What I take out of such a testimony is that by raping that woman, it made sure more men had access to consensual sex. Thus maybe preventing a lot of rapes. And making life better for those guys (who she might have otherwise led on).

Some people rape out of lack of choice (no success with women), others out of conviction/preference. But in any case, those two groups of offenders would profit from women lowering their standards and giving it away easier. So remember : whenever you rape someone, you’re paving the way for maybe 10 unlucky guys who wouldn’t have gotten any action otherwise. And everything after you “opened the way” is consensual for all parties involved.

It feels to me that rape is part of an “ecosystem” of sorts. There are those who crave rape, and those who crave consent. But rape is a catalyst for both. Without it, how many of those women would have stayed stuck up bitches who use men without giving nothing in return?

So when you’re a shy guy who has a hard time losing his virginity, and finally loses it to a loose woman, thank the guy who probably raped her in the first place to make her easier for you.

To me that is the true “philosophy of rape”. Not just a mindless act by a savage, but a service to society done by someone who understands the consequences of their actions for everyone, and is willing to take all the risks implied to leave a better world for everyone else.


Even if there’s a philosophy behind it, it’s still a crime.

Honestly this forum is so horrific that I’m not sure whether it’s a joke. Either way, it clearly violates Reddit’s new terms of service, which state that Reddit will ban any subreddit which causes users to “fear for their safety or the safety of those around them.” I think any forum which contains explicit instructions about how to violently attack women fits the bill.


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