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Here's What Tetris on the Side of a 29-Story Skyscraper Looks Like

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last night, hundreds of people crowded around the 29-story Cira Centre building in downtown Philadelphia to fulfill every classic Game Boy lovers' dream—playing Tetris on 100,000-square-foot screen for all the world to see.

The "screen" itself was made up of the buildings south and north faces and contained hundreds of LED lights that, when not occupied with classic arcade games, offer a pleasant little nighttime light show. Last night, though, the building both helped kick off Philadelphia's city-wide Tech Week as well as celebrate Tetris' upcoming 30th birthday.


What's more—this colossal display may very well have just set a new world record. The architectural Tetris designer, Drexel University Associate Professor of Digital Media Frank Lee, already set a world record for the largest game of Pong on the very same building just last year. And while this isn't the first time Tetris has been projected onto a skyscraper, there's a good chance Guinness will officially declare it the biggest.

And even if it's not, it still beats the hell out of playing on a Game Boy. []