Here's What the Internet Thinks About Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

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If you want to know the Internet's temperature on Obama and Romney in the race to become the next President, just check out this snazzy 2012 Election Mood Meter tool. It smartly calculates and analyzes real-time tweets to figure out which direction each candidate is trending.


Of course, this tool isn't really indicative of the race as a whole (the Internet is a liberal place, if you hadn't realized) but it reveals the quick-read Twitter feel on what they think about Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan. NetBase, the folks behind the Mood Meter, uses a natural language processing engine to try to understand tweets through grammar, broad language and even slang. The calculations are based on tweets posted in the last 10 minutes and is updated every 10 seconds, so it's as real time as it gets.

Right now, it looks like a lot of love for Paul Ryan, Obama having a lead over Romney and Biden dipping into the red. Of course. [NetBase]

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Anybody with more than half of a neuron knows that both candidates suck. It's merely a matter of who sucks less at the issues that are important to you. Not that it matters because the two puppet-masters have utterly forgotten that politics is about consensus- not divisiveness. Unfortunately, divisiveness pays better.