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Here's Who Really Rules the Twitterverse

Illustration for article titled Heres Who Really Rules the Twitterverse

All apologies to Lady Gaga, but it turns out that your quantity of Twitter followers isn't nearly as important as their quality. At least not for news-media feeds, according to this new ranking of the 100 most influential media Twits.


The new metric, developed by Daniel Romero and his team at Cornell University, takes into account both how many followers a feed has and how likely those followers are to retweet. Sites that are able to influence passive users to retweet more often than they normally do get a corresponding ranking bump.

At the head of the class? Mashable, the social media news site, followed by CNN Breaking News. The surprising bronze medalist is the excellent Big Picture, the Boston Globe's compendium of notable photography. Gizmodo is nestled comfortably in 10th.


Of course, as nice as it is to see these sites get their proper due, it still all feels kind of insignificant compared to the mighty power of Bieber. [Cornell via New Scientist]

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Why is Justin Bieber not on that list? I thought he was the God of Twitter. They might as well change the name from Twitter to Bieber.

Brb, gotta go update my Bieber with a new Bieb.