Here's Woz on a Segway, Filmed By a Drone

The punditry talks a lot about a concept called "convergence," which can be neatly summarized in the GIF above: Woz, Segway, drone. All things tech and joy, all at once.


The GIF is from a video produced by photographer, friend of Gizmodo, and Lexar marketing chief Jeff Cable. In the exquisitely conceived promotional video, reps from Lexar and DJI demo the Phantom 2+ quadrocopter. Head about 1:40 into the video for even more clips of the Phantom chasing Woz and wife Janet around a football field.

Sure, this is marketingy! But it's also fun. Come on: Woz, Segway, drone, Woz, Segway, drone, Woz, Segway, drone... (Repeat till the page is full, printer.)

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They are so cute, you can tell they are having fun, and I am glad they are setting the example and wearing helmets.