Hey Commenters, Can We Have A Talk ?

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For all you commenters, this post is intended for you. We at Gizmodo want to go over a few things. Off topic comments, a new comment specific email address, and reasons we ban are on the agenda. So if you're a frequent commenter or just starting out, let us have a few words with you. Oh and, if you haven't already checked out Lifehacker's amazing commenting user's guide, you definitely should.


Comment Email Address - For All Your Commenting Needs

We're not sure why we never had it before, but Gizmodo now has a specific email address just for comment related concerns. Emails about account approval, account problems, banning questions, thread problems and even requests for banning will all be handled through this email. So here it is, COMMENTS@GIZMODO.COM , shouldn't be too hard to remember.

Off Topic Comments

Over the past few weeks, we at Giz have been becoming unhappy with the direction some comment threads are turning. Even some commenters have let us know that they are concerned with what's going on. Long story short, some of the comment threads are getting way too off topic. Gizmodo is not high school social shit site, and we expect the commenters to be mature enough to contribute ON TOPIC conversation. Sure, we all enjoy reading some light off topic banter, but we've noticed complete mongo-tard discussions that have NO PLACE on a gadget site. So next time you're thinking of writing a comment with the word PENIS or HORNY in it, please spare us..

Why We Ban

If you didn't already know, we have an all-mighty banhammer that we can use to silence commenters. Why would we use such a weapon? Well, some commenters feel the need to speak with obscene, racists, troller, mean, spammer, stupid, or completely off topic words. These types of commenters are NOT WELCOMED, and must be banned. So if you see your account has been banned, please check your stupid ass comments before you send an email to COMMENTS@GIZMODO.COM asking why you can't comment. I'm sure you'll see why.

Other Bannable Offenses

From here on out, asking "Will It Blend?" welcoming any kind of overlord, or any other horribly tacky and cliche comment, unless used exceptionally, hilariously ironically, makes you a total banhammer target.

So I hope our little talk wasn't too harsh. We value all you commenters and enjoy the additional insight you add to Gizmodo. If you guys have any ideas or features you would like to see happen in the Giz comment world, please feel free to let us know. And don't forget COMMENTS@GIZMODO.COM is where your gonna send all that comment related junk.


UPDATE: We want to personally apologize to carmen-whatever her new name is, for singling her out. We understand that it wasn't cool, and we're sorry.



I have noticed, as someone succinctly put it up there somewhere, the Myspace-ization of Gizmodo lately; however, I would put most of the blame on the Gizmodo commenting system of late that values "connectedness" over any other criteria (for which measures do not currently exist). When you put "Friends list" in commenter profile pages, SNS-ification is all but inevitable, and the directions that some of the comment threads have taken recently are reflections of that.

My suggestion; do away with the connectedness and stars, strip away friends lists, keep the comment followers list private (let only the owner of the profile page see who are following him/her), and, if there needs to be any kind of ranking system, use the good ol', tried and tested +/- system (a la, Engadget, Digg, etc., although those sites don't use that for a ranking system).