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Hey Giz: How Do I Comment?

Illustration for article titled Hey Giz: How Do I Comment?

Judging by the amount of emails that we're still getting asking how to comment; it's pretty obvious that we need to do a quick rundown on how to become a commenter.


So if you're having trouble just keep reading.

[UDPATE: You guys totally broke it. Stand by while we fix...which should take a day or two. So Solly. ]


[UPDATE: Fixed yet? Maybe. Try it and write me some hate mail if it doesn't. Sank You. ]

First you have to pick the lucky story you want to share your wisdom with. Next, scroll down to the bottom of said story and click the new user button. Now type in your comment and make sure it's good. After that toss in your desired user name/password and click submit.

Now comes the most important part, your comment will not appear instantly. In an effort to keep all the spam/morons off of Gizmodo, we go through by hand mouse and approve comment account requests. We promise this is not a conspiracy just to keep you off of Gizmodo (Yes, we have been accused of that before). But we don't approve just anyone, so make sure your first comment is good.

There you go, before you know it your account *fingers crossed* will be approved and you'll be commenting with the best of them.


And just in case you're still having problems, just go here to our commenting FAQ.


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For some reason I can't get rid of this goofy avatar. It was the one I used originally, but then I changed it to the current one (not shown here); however,it's not showing up on my comments. It does, however, show up on my user page.

When I comment on other Gawker sites my correct avatar comes up.