Hey Tough Guy! You Ford Tough?

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If you're like me, you're a real tough guy. You walk down the street struttin' your stuff, you spit on the ground, hell, you even bring out your neighbor's garbage for them on Sundays. So that's why when I was busy kicking ass and taking names today, I was ecstatic to see Ford makes a PC that's
"built Ford tough"! Oh one catch, a truck is included with it. Ford announced a partnership with California Custom Sport Trucks to produce a special version of its Super Duty pickup, available next year. Included with this tough truck will be a tough touchscreen PC decked out. The deets include Windows XP Pro, a CF/PC card slot (as expected...because all tough guys are into photography and broadband obviously), 256MB RAM, and a 1 GHz Crusoe processor. Obviously nothing special as it's not designed for playing Battlefield 2 on the go. No price is set for this truck/PC combo so just hold your horses alright tough guy?

The Ford Tough PC


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