Hi, Gizmodo

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It’s good to be back.

I’m John Biggs, the new Editor-in-Chief of Gizmodo. I’ve been here once before, back in 2005, when a single person ran each Gawker Media site and who had to write everything all day. I was the third editor and it was my job to write 28 posts about phones, laptops, and cool robots.


It was fun.

It’s now 2020. The world is inundated by tech. Everything we do, everything we touch, is registered in triplicate in some database somewhere. Our gadgets talk to our cars and our cars will soon talk to a central server in the sky. There used to be a dozen phones launching every year. Now there are about two.

Things have changed. And they’re still fun.

My aims here are to expand our coverage, build out amazing video and podcasts, and give you more of what you love.

When I started at Gizmodo, the New York Times gave “gadgets” one page once a week on the back of the Sports section. Now the entire paper - and almost every other news organization - is drowning in tech coverage. But Gizmodo was there first and this site has steered innovation for nearly two decades. I intend to maintain that position.

Our world is currently in upheaval. Things are changing drastically in ways that we barely understand. I want to help us all capture this moment with clarity, precision, and fun. I care about everything, from complex board games to mobility to startups to robotic dogs on Mars. Why? Because that’s all the bedrock upon which we’re building the future.


If you’re making something new and cool, let me know. I’m john@gizmodo.com or @johnbiggs on Twitter and Telegram. Here are some tips on how to pitch me and the rest of the team. You can download my head here.

This is going to be fun.


John Biggs is a writer from Ohio who lives in Brooklyn. He likes books, watches, and his dog. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Gizmodo. Signal: +16468270591 Telegram: @johnbiggs



My aims here are to expand our coverage, build out amazing video and podcasts, and give you more of what you love.”

Most of us don’t really love video and podcasts (or the increasingly user hostile design changes on this site), I know those type of decisions aren’t entirely up to you but as EIC I’d assume you have some level of influence with all that drama.

Anyways though, gives me hope to see that you were around pre-VC/pre-iPhone-on-a-barstool, welcome back!