Gizmodo's New Editor, John Biggs

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First of all, thanks to everyone who sent in submissions over the last couple of weeks for the position. You all definitely proved me wrong with some quality submissions—we should have been looking through the readership for help in the first place. It's very likely I'll be contacting some of you in the near future for some special projects.

Meanwhile, welcome John Biggs, our new Senior Editor. I don't know what that makes me, but since I can't even wrap my head around the grammar of 'Editor-In-Chief,' I think I'll just stick with 'Editor' for now. Since I've stepped all over John's introduction, I'll let him say hello after the jump.

John says: Like Joel, I came to New York from America's Heartland—namely, Columbus, Ohio—in search of an edgy, violent life in high tech journalism. After spending four years, post college, as a sysadmin and programmer, I switched gears, got a Master's from NYU, and started to write about laptops, PCs, and other fascinating tools of this electronic age. I've written a book on the dark underbelly of the Internets, Black Hat, and my edgy, violent work has appeared in the New York Times and Popular Science, among others.


I love surge suppressors. I love Macs. I love Linux. As senior editor in charge of all things gadget-tastic, I'll be writing on a number of topics about which Joel is unable, or, more importantly, unwilling, to write. Together, we hope to bring fascinating new insights to the world of high tech gizmos [Haha, SIKE. -Ed.].

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