High Capacity Backup Battery Will Keep You Powered For a Week

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Until all of our electronic devices are powered by tiny Mr. Fusions, backup batteries are a harsh reality. But with a massive 9900mAh battery, the hard drive-sized iGeek should power all of your gear for up to a week.

A lot of back batteries don't have enough kick to charge power-hungry devices like the iPad, but with one and two amp USB ports, the iGeek will happily top off your tablet and your iPhone at the same time. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find a mobile device it can't recharge, short of laptops, Segways and electric cars.

The $62 battery promises up to fifty additional hours of movie time with your iPhone, iPod Touch or media player of choice, and up to seventeen additional hours with the iPad 2. Next to a comfy pair of shoes and a steady supply of Red Bulls, it's the perfect accessory for tackling conventions, trade shows and exhibitions. [ThinkGeek via 7Gadgets]