Coolest high school senior ever, Cyrus Tabrizi, built this awesome remote-controlled (RC) Lego car. Sure, Lego RC cars aren't that much of a novelty, but what makes Tabrizi's unique is that he created his own remote control for it! He calls it the "Handuino," a custom "HANDheld ArdUINO interface."

The process involved in this build was quite complex, from the design and planning to the 3D modeling and laser-cutting (let alone the Lego-building). The remote control comes with "a color LCD screen, a joystick, four buttons, and two rotary inputs." Here are some more specs:

Handuino is a handheld Arduino interface that can also function as a remote control. It has a 2.2" LCD display and multiple input options. The enclosure was laser-cut from clear acrylic. The RC car is made from Lego Technic and is powered by four servos. It runs on an Arduino Leonardo and uses an XBEE radio to communicate with the remote control.


I love this kid. He's made some pretty incredible creations already, and I'm sure he's got more epic builds in the pipeline. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make your own DIY Lego RC car. [TechHive]


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