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High Schooler Gets Detention for Using Firefox? UPDATE: Nope

Illustration for article titled High Schooler Gets Detention for Using Firefox? UPDATE: Nope

Now this is a sad story...if it's true. According to this alleged school report, one student received a detention for using Firefox—as opposed to IE or Safari, we assume. And while there could be plenty of explanations for why the school would want to control student browsers, we loved the teacher's write-up of the event:

Today in class [name] had a program launched called Foxfire.exe. I had told [name] to close the program and to resume work but he told me that is was just a different browser and that he was doing his work. I had given him two warnings but he insisted that it was just a "better" browser and he wasn't doing anything wrong. I had then issued his detention.


Either this is the funniest detention we've ever seen or the best viral marketing in history. But the school, phone number and names on the report seem to be legit.

It's OK, faceless teenager. High school is tougher for the smart kids, if only because it's the last chance the world has to kick you in the balls before you take it over. [image via digg]


UPDATE: This was a prank. From the school's website:

Recently, a file was uploaded to the Internet purporting to be a copy of a letter from Big Spring High School to a student regarding a two hour detention. The uploaded letter was an altered version of a detention letter sent to a student. Unfortunately, privacy concerns prevent the School District from giving a full explanation of the nature and source of the letter's alteration at this time. The Big Spring School District does have confirmation that the discipline letter was altered.

The reports, blogs and other sources on the Internet indicating that a Big Spring student was assigned detention for using the Firefox internet browser instead of Internet Explorer are untrue and were based on the fake letter. Detention is assigned in our schools after appropriate warnings are given, if students continue to engage in non-academic activities or fail to follow a teacher's directive during class time discipline can and will be assigned.

Sincerely yours,

John C. Scudder

High School Principal

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If students don't use IE, how will they ever learn how to exploit the holes in crappy browsers? If everyone in high school uses Safari or FireFox, they will go out into the world thinking that all browsers are just as good and will get crushed!!!

The school is just trying to prep the students by making them use what will prep them for the real world. Good for the teachers who is willing to beat down the spirit of those who will not conform! Obedience is the key to a free society!!!