High Tech Titanium Golf Clubs May Lead to Hearing Loss

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It looks like golfers may have more to worry about than bad backs and jacked-up knees. Apparently, swinging those new fangled fancy titanium drivers may lead to hearing loss.


It sounds strange but driver faces are getting thinner and thinner which leads to a louder noise when contact is made with the ball. Tests conducted with clubs from manufacturers like King Cobra, Callaway, Nike and Mizuno revealed surprisingly high decibel levels. In fact, the Ping G10 hit over 130 dB when swung by a professional golfer. This kind of research is why some experts are recommending that players wear earplugs while on the tee.


Personally, I like the sound of a booming drive off a titanium driver. It's an audible cue that I have made good contact. Although, the sound always seems less intense when I am the one hitting the ball as opposed to standing in the vicinity of another golfer. Still, at least one person has been documented in the British Medical Journal as having suffered hearing loss as the result of using a King Cobra LD driver 3 times a week over the course of 18 months.

Is this something avid golfers should worry about? I'll get back to you on that when I see Tiger Woods using a hearing aid. [BBC via Neatorama]

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This study is garbage...

Everybody knows the hearing loss occurs when your old lady constantly chews you out for playing golf instead of taking care of her "To Do" list.