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Have you ever heard the adage that you can buy a better golf game? I really is true. Over the years my game has improved dramatically because of improvements in club design—but I never expected to be swinging anything like the Air Force One. On paper, PowerBilt's idea makes a lot of sense—by filling a clubhead with nitrogen at pressures of up to 150 psi, you can dramatically reduce the thickness of the face and increase the sweetspot because there would be no need for mechanical bracing. The result is increased flex in the clubface on impact which translates into greater distance. PowerBilt is releasing their line of Air Force One drivers, fairway woods and hybrid clubs with variable face thickness—allowing players to tailor their club to their game. In other words, users with a low swing speed can opt for the thinnest face (for easier compression) while faster swing speeds would require a thicker face. Either way, PowerBilt claims that these clubs can add 10-15 yards of extra distance to your drive. That's remarkable if it is true, but what may be even more remarkable is that the clubs actually conform to USGA regulations—so you can avoid crippling cheater's guilt when you step up to the tee. The driver, fairway woods, and hybrids will run you $500, $350 and $250 respectively. [PowerBilt via DVICE and World Golf]


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