Highly Reflective Clothing Turns Paparazzi's Camera Flashes Against Them

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Even if you're not a celebrity, some of us just don't like having our picture taken and spread around social media. Until now, assaulting the person behind the camera was the only way to make it stop, but Betabrand's new Flashback clothing turns the photographer's gear against them by reflecting the light from a flash and using it to obscure the photo and your identity.

The Flashback line is made from material that's covered in microscopic glass beads that are particularly adept at reflecting light. It's similar to fabric that's used to make reflectors for flashes during photoshoots, and safety gear worn by rescue personnel. But instead of a garish neon orange and green safety vest, the Flashback line features garments that people would actually choose to wear, not because their job requires it.


Betabrand has just started a crowdfunding initiative to help bring the Flashback line to the masses, which means you can pre-order the garments, but your order will only be filled, and you'll only be charged, if the company reaches its minimal order goals. The cheapest way to help hide your face from photographers is the Flashback Halo Hat which can be ordered for just $40.


But when you need to class things up for a night on the town, the Illuminati Suit is the way to go. At $520+ it's the most expensive way to help foil the efforts of a determined paparazzi, but it guarantees your face won't end up all over the internet the next day, either because you were out partying all night, or because you took a swing at a persistent photographer. [Betabrand]