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HipDisk Musical Instrument, the Hula Hoop of Your Nightmares

Illustration for article titled HipDisk Musical Instrument, the Hula Hoop of Your Nightmares

As if the world needed yet another weird musical instrument, Danielle Wilde has created the hipDisk, a pair of doughnut-shaped platters activated with a series of movements that might be quite attractive with the right person doing them. The idea incorporates not just one of these noisemakers, but duets, trios, quartets or even choirs of such dancers/musician angels, filling the air with discord, rude noises and dissonance. It's not entirely clear why a bathing suit must be worn during the performance. Jump to the next page for the video, but we're warning you, get ready to turn the sound down.


There hasn't been such an obnoxious cacophony since that fart-lighting frat party some of us Gizmodians went to a couple of months ago. [hipDisk, via Oh Gizmo]

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Is this so that when we see a hottie we'll think, "Oh, there goes a hottie. I know this because I've been subjected to ugly horror by Giz today and I won't be able to burn the image out of my now psychotic retinas, so in comparison this is clearly hotness, and shall be appreciated as such!"??

Thanks, dudes, we all really needed that lesson, didn't we guys? OMFGSWAUASOAFS!!!