Hipstamatic's D-Series App Creates Evidence of Last Night's Party

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If you're a fan of taking your well focused, high-resolution iPhone images and adding fancy old-school lens types to them, you're in luck. Synthetic, the makers of Hipstamatic, have announced their D-Series collaborative-photo-roll app for iOS.

The Hipstamatic team announced the free D-Series app this evening. The app will be ready for download on Thursday, December 15 and hopes to recreate the collaborative nature of the disposable camera on the wedding reception table. Friends team up to take a 24-exposure "roll" of photos. Once the 24 images have been shot, a push notification is sent to all the friends in the "roll" and the images are download to all the cameras.

Once the images have been shared with the group, users can share the roll or individual photos on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. Group members won't be able to see the photos everyone else their group has taken until the entire "roll" has been exposed. Aditional camera lenses are available for in-app purchase for $1 each.


It's actually a fun idea. The anticipation of wondering what photos your friends took adds to the collaborative nature. Maybe you both took photos the guy in the unicorn costume. Maybe someone took a photo of the fist fight that happened outside the bar. You won't know until the last photo has been taken. [Synthetic]

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I think a better version would be to use the iPhone's GPS ability to automatically track down and download all pictures taken with that app at the same place around the same time. So, for example, if you were at the party at Address X from 10:00 to 4:00 last night, the next morning you can choose "Address X, 10:00PM to 4:00AM", and it'll scavenge the cloud for any pictures taken at that address with the app during that time. Anyone at the party who uses the app, then, would end up providing pics of the party for each other, making it truly collaborative with minimal effort (plus, since it only gets pics from people who use the app, it's still private and secure...until you get drunk and mistake the app icon for the Photos app....)