Hitachi W51H Cellphone's Hi-Rez Screen Kicks iPhone Arse

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Here's a handset that'll only be available in Japan but we show it here to give you some perspective: the Hitachi W51H features a kick-ass screen with higher resolution than any other cellphone, putting together 480x800 pixels on its 2.9-inch display. Hey, that's 16:9, the aspect ratio of HDTV.


Sure, you'll need a microscope to enjoy that kind of resolution on a 2.9-inch screen, but maybe other devices with larger displays will follow suit, giving you true 16:9 widescreen goodness instead of that less-desirable 3.5-inch almost-widescreen (at 320x480) of the iPhone.

Hitachi phone sports highest mobile screen res anywhere [Sci Fi Tech]

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It's way past time to get rid of the specific-pixels-high text and to make the OS or display resolution independent. Mac OS X will reportedly have that in Leopard.

That way, you could have a 2.9 inch screen with 8000x4800 if you wanted (and could produce one...) - the end result would just be a super-crisp display with normal-sized (and incredibly smooth) type.

This phone will no doubt be made with that resolution in mind, so the size of the type will be increased to compensate for the high dpi, making the characters fully (in fact, superbly) readable. At least, if the developers have any sense at all. Definitely a cool phone.