Hitachi W51H Cellphone's Hi-Rez Screen Kicks iPhone Arse

Here's a handset that'll only be available in Japan but we show it here to give you some perspective: the Hitachi W51H features a kick-ass screen with higher resolution than any other cellphone, putting together 480x800 pixels on its 2.9-inch display. Hey, that's 16:9, the aspect ratio of HDTV.

Sure, you'll need a microscope to enjoy that kind of resolution on a 2.9-inch screen, but maybe other devices with larger displays will follow suit, giving you true 16:9 widescreen goodness instead of that less-desirable 3.5-inch almost-widescreen (at 320x480) of the iPhone.


Hitachi phone sports highest mobile screen res anywhere [Sci Fi Tech]

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