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HOAX! Alleged Thieves Unknowingly Upload Fun-House Mugshots from Stolen MacBook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Update: We've been had. It looks like this is a hoax. These pics were uploaded to Flickr from the website TopShop, and are the Top 50 photos taken in the exclusive Photo Booth areas set up at the London Fashion Week Venue. Turns out these people aren't thieves at all!

Here's a lesson for you, prospective thieves: if you steal a MacBook, it is entirely possible that any pictures you take of yourself using the onboard application Photo Booth could be uploaded directly to a photo-sharing Web site that's frequented by millions of people. That's exactly what happened when a group of hapless robbers got a hold of a MacBook, engaging in hilarity by taking over a hundred pictures of themselves as seen through the fun house mirror that is Photo Booth.


Apparently the rightful owner of the black MacBook had an application such as FlickrBooth 1.1 loaded, uploading every one of those pictures automatically to photo sharing site Flickr. A few weeks after the theft, the owners noticed these photos on their Flickr account. Now here they are, for all to see—four of the more-recognizable pics are in the gallery below. Anyone know these people? Let's find out who they are and perhaps ask them if they've seen a black MacBook lying around anywhere.

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