Holla At'cha Boy! Google+ Now Makes Phone Calls

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Hangouts is already, far and away, the best feature on Google+ and it just got a bit better. Now, users can call with their contacts through through the Hangout window. Here's how it works.

The process is actually quite simple, according to Google's official blog,

1. Click Invite at the top of the hangouts with extras window
2. Click the Phone tab on the left of the window, and enter the phone number you wish to call.
3. Click Call now.


This is just the newest feature Google's recently rolled out for the Hangouts platform. The recent addition of "extras" follows Hangouts' mobile version and include features like Screensharing, a doodling/note taking program, and Google Docs sharing, to name a few.

It's interesting to see how many resources Google is allotting into this program. When it first rolled out, Hangouts was little more than a Skype client ripoff. Now it is an efficient collaboration tool for both business or education. The ability to make calls through this platform only expands its usefulness because not everybody you contact will be A) in front of a computer at the time and B) want to look at your mug while conversing. The best part of this new feature? All calls in the US and Canada are free.


Side note: back in my day, we actually had to show up to these things called "lecture halls" for class, rather than just telecommute (*puts an onion on his belt*). [Google Blog via The Next Web]

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