Holy Batman! A Subterranean Mansion! With a Water Slide!

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A Subterranean Mansion. Let that sink into your mind. Subterranean. Mansion. With a water slide that goes from the master bedroom to a swimming pool with waterfalls. The best three million dollars you could ever spend. And that's not all:

Probably the most daring & innovative house ever built - 'The Subterranean Mansion'. Entrance hall, cloakroom/WC, lounge, dining room, breakfast kitchen, utility room, laundry room, master bedroom with en suite bathroom, dressing room & shute to pool, 2 further bedroom suites, swimming pool, central Jacuzzi with atrium above, gym, bar area, changing room with shower & WC, plant room, garage, in all approximately 4,300 sq ft. Gardens, approximately 0.3 of an acre.


Click to viewI'm sold. If I had three million dollars and my name was Lex Luthor, I would write the check right now. [Countrylife via Lovely Listing via Born Rich]



This is what could have been if the kid from blank check would have invested his money more wisely.