Holy crap, look at this giant wave towering over an entire English town

According to the Met Office—UK's national meteorological service—a hurricane-force superstorm similar to the catastrophic Great Storm of 1987 is about to obliterate Britain. Just look at this incredible wave towering above an entire town on the coast of Cornwall, England. It's just the beginning.

The Express says that "the Met Office has issued a rare RED WARNING for severe weather urging those living along the west coast of England to TAKE ACTION now."


They have already recorded 110mph (177km/h) winds off the south coast of Ireland, and they expect them to reach 120mph (193km/h). The Government has asked everyone to stay at home and brace for impact. Prime Minister David Cameron has ­cancelled a trip to Israel planned for next week in order to deal with the aftermath of the superstorm.

Here you can see it from space:


Top photo: Superstorm gales reaching Sennen, England—by Getty Images

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