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Holy Hell, A Giant 22 Foot Wasp Nest Is the Most Terrifying Thing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Imagine walking into a room and stumbling straight into a wasp nest that's nearly 22 feet big. That's what happened in the Canary Islands. Neighbors had been growing concerned over a vacant home so they notified the police. When the police entered the home, they discovered the home wasn't empty at all. Rather, it was home to millions of wasps and the most alien looking nest ever.

ThinkSpain says that:

Experts have examined the nest, which is said to be 21'9" in length, and say the common type of wasp found in gardens would never normally build a nest of this size.

They believe it must be an invasive species of wasp which had migrated from Africa.


Just look at that damn thing. Why does it look so pillowy? It kind of looks like the clouds in A Starry Night. Why can't I stop staring? But man, imagine getting one foot stuck inside the nest, you'd immediately lose your foot and then the whole nest would swallow you whole. It's a death trap.


But can you imagine the oasis that this nest was for the wasps? It's the best city they ever lived in. We should encourage wasps to grow their nests as large as possible, just for the spectacle of it all. [ThinkSpain]