Honda's Using Your Favorite '80s Toys To Sell You a New Car

Now that the children of the '80s are all grown up and have lots of expendable income, companies have realized that nostalgia can be a great marketing tool. That's why so many toys are being resurrected and re-issued, and why Honda is now selling cars using the likes of Skeletor, Jem, and even Stretch Armstrong as their celebrity endorsers.


Even Gumby and Pokey, arguably appealing to a slightly older demographic, get in on the Happy Honda Days shilling. And while we're a little upset that Optimus Prime, Voltron, and even Playmobil seem left out, it doesn't change the fact that we suddenly have the urge to buy a shiny new Honda—or maybe seven of them. [YouTube via Pixel-Dan]

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Anyone else surprised that they have a "functioning" stretch Armstrong?