Hooray! Facebook Ads Are Heading to Your News Ticker

Illustration for article titled Hooray! Facebook Ads Are Heading to Your News Ticker

If there's one thing that sucks about Facebook, it's the paucity of advertisements. We need more! And we need them in real time. Luckily, TechCrunch reports, we're in luck—more live Facebook ads are headed our way today.


The ads will appear in the controversial Facebook "ticker," where you see constant details of who's tagging whom, Spotify action, photo comments, and other social detritus. And now, "sponsored stories"—ads. And some of the ads will appear under the guise of news about your friends—so and so are playing X game. That means you'll get ads on the sidebar, sides in the ticker, and of course the fact that your entire life is turned into advertising data for Facebook's partners. Ads! On the other hand, free, great website you choose to use. [TechcCrunch]



I will be forever mystified by people who voluntarily do this upon their own. So&so is playing blah blah game and likes various cheese products. Does this annoy you whippersnappers as much as us olds?