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When it comes to religious devotion to gizmos, nothing inspires fanaticism like the iPod. This spirituality has been manifest in an endless processional of cases, docks, and speakers. But to date, it has not engendered much of a homegrown, folk-artsy patronage. There are no iPod milagros in Mexico. Certainly no Apple jinjas in Japan. No iPod docks in the form of a dancing Buddha, or Arca Vigraha with Lord Ganesha holding a nano in his hand. No chickens get beheaded Voodoo-style so the blood can be dribbled across the front of an iPod as an offering to the spirits. And, as of yet, no toasted cheese sandwiches that miraculously become engraved with the Apple Logo. All that is about to change.

Gizmodo is giving away a 30GB iPod — you know, the one that plays video? — to the person who builds the best shrine to house the bewildering glory that is Job's Seed. The winner chooses the color (black or white). What's a shrine, you ask? Wikipedia answers:

A shrine, from the Latin scrinium ( box , also used as a desk, like the french bureau hence also an administrative office) is originally a container, usually in precious materials, especially for a relic, and/or holy or sacred place containing the same, hence dedicated towards a certain god, goddess, saint, or similar religious figure.


Entries must be accompanied by a photograph in JPG format—72 dpi, max 400 pixels on the top side, please—NO HUGE PHOTOS OR WE WILL CRY (download Gimp if you don't have a good photo editor—along with two or three sentences describing the devotional, its symbology and what makes it sacred. Send entries to gizmodobox@gmail.com with IPOD SHRINE in the subject line. Repeat: Entries must be sent to gizmodobox@gmail.com with the subject line IPOD SHRINE, all others will be unceremoniously deleted.

Entries will be posted daily so that Gizmodo readers can help choose the winner. Vaya con MP3ios, friends. The contest winner will be announced Monday, November 28th.

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