Host of Sprint Smartphones, EVO View Tablet Due at CTIA?

Over at Engadget an anonymous tipster has sent word that Sprint may be populating its 2.5-hour CTIA spot with a bevy of smartphones and a new tablet.

The first phone is shaping up to be the Samsung Nexus S 4G, which will no doubt have 4G functionality, while the second rumored handset is something called the EVO 3D, but beyond that there's very little (though 3D seems like a pretty good hint at what it might offer).


Last up in the trio of rumored devices is the EVO View, a tablet. And...that's about it. A bunch of names that include hints at the features within, but little else. Suppose we'll know more when CTIA comes around later this month and Sprint's multi-hour presentation gets underway. [Engadget]


Mark H

Great. So because of Sprint ripping the carpet out from under many of their Premier customers, and many of us being relegated to "Silver" status, I can either upgrade my Hero by April 1, or wait until November for my upgrade (22 months). I can either get an EVO now, or wait to see what they're unveiling. Shit.