He might be one of the last in the main Avengers team in Hot Toys' exquisite line of Age of Ultron figures, but that's certainly no indication of lesser quality — the rest of the Avengers have already conducted a financial haymaker on your Wallet, and Mr. Barton is just here to fire the killing blow.

As ever with Hot Toys, the detailing is spot on — not just with the face sculpt, which capture's Jeremy Renner's seemingly-constant 'I am slightly concerned/annoyed/confused' face, but in the incredible recreation of Hawkeye's fancy new togs from the movie. It might seem like a relatively basic costume compared to the likes of Iron Man's armour or Cap's suit, but Hot Toys have really gone above and beyond recreating it down to the last detail.

The piping all over, the different materials for the black and red parts of the coat, even down to the little zippers and buckles over his archery gauntlets are all captured pretty much perfectly. When I first saw Hawkeye's new look in the film I wasn't overtly impressed, but seeing them recreated for this figure has given me a new appreciation for them they look really great, especially in toy form.


Hawkeye also seems to be the most accessory-packed Avenger so far. He not only comes with two bows — one compact version and one 'open' normal version for firing — but also a multi-loading doodad so he can ping off three different arrows at the same time, and 8 different trick-arrow heads to daintily place on each dainty arrow shaft (there's also one normal arrow included too). Hoo boy, I hope you've got less clumsy hands than I have, because I'd probably end up losing a few of those tiny things in the process. As usual, he also comes with a variety of hands to pose him naturally or gripping an an arrow ready to fire.

Finally, Hawkeye finishes off his look with some fancy looking sunglasses, which I'm not sure movie Hawkeye has ever had before (someone will no doubt correct me). Maybe we'll see them in Age of Ultron, maybe they're a nod to the 'Modern' Hawkeye look from the comics.


Which reminds me, accuracy to the movie aside, dammit, he should've come with a Pizza Dog pack-in.

Hot Toy's Hawkeye will be available later this year. I'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles places him up for preorder — but as ever, expect the usual $230+ pricetag that is customary for whenever Hot Toys wants to ravage your wallet with Toy goodness.

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