Hot Toys' Newest Avengers: Endgame Figure Can Perform the World's Most Expensive Action Figure Headbutt

Action figure Carol fights dirty, as she should.
Action figure Carol fights dirty, as she should.
Image: Hot Toys

Although if you do recreate Carol’s matchup with Thanos in all its headbutting glory, please be delicate. I’m already anxious just thinking about the potential paint damage that might come from thwacking one action figure worth several hundred dollars into another.


Yes, Hot Toys has taken a brief break from making us all squeal over various iterations of Baby Yoda and his guardian to instead have us squealing over some Marvel instead: more specifically, a Marvel, in the form of Avengers: Endgame’s Carol Danvers. It’s like the company gave its first Captain Marvel release a haircut and a heavy new bit of jewelry to match!

Okay, well, it’s a lot more than that obviously—Carol went through some changes over the course of Endgame’s run time, from a new outfit (plus sash!) to a new haircut (very comics-faithful!), to enough fancy looking new uses to her cosmic powers to warrant Hot Toys including not one, but three different sets of translucent blue hands with matching effects pieces. Said hands even light up! Very fancy.

But that’s not all. Of course she also comes with some normal hands for when she’s not lit up like an interstellar Christmas tree, and one particularly important accessory: the Nano Gauntlet, so you can recreate the epic relay game that was getting the most important hand accessory in the universe across the epic battlefield that was Endgame’s climax.


You just need, y’know, several thousand dollars’ worth of action figure to create it in full. Surely you’ve got those lying around already?


But to complete such a lineup, you’ll have to wait: Endgame Captain Marvel won’t be hitting shelves until the middle of 2021.

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Matthew Catania

When will Hasbro do a Marvel Legends of this suit? I got tired of waiting for it to make Shuri in vibrant BP colors instead of the drab Endgame ones, so I had to customize it.