Relive the Hype of Avengers: Endgame's Opening Night Reactions With This Thrilling Video

Take us away, Mister Rogers.
Take us away, Mister Rogers.
Image: Marvel Studios

Right now, going to the theater isn’t just an absolute impossibility, in many places, the thought of being in a tightly-packed room full of people, no matter how excited, is enough to fill you with a sense of dread. Just a year ago when the world was sitting down to watch Avengers: Endgame, that wasn’t the case, and now you can relive that suddenly alien sensation.


The way time works in the covid-19 pandemic is weird enough as it is, but when you throw out the fact that Avengers: Endgame only came out last year—and not, say, three lifetimes ago, which is how it feels—it only feels weirder to look back on these cleverly edited videos shared on Twitter by Scott Gustin.

Splicing off-cam audience reaction sound from an Endgame opening night screening with the crisp footage from Endgame’s home release, the two videos—depicting the moment Steve Rogers reveals his worthiness and lifts Mjlonir into battle, and then the “Avengers Assemble” scene—are a marvelous trip. Not just to relive the excitement of these moments that took a decade of build up to be so very worth it, but the sheer, electrifying joy of hearing so many people, united by a shared passion, just collectively lose their entire shit. Give it a watch.

There’s no shit left in the world, you guys. They lost it.

Even Marvel’s Kevin Feige lost a bit of it, taking to Twitter for the first time since November 2018 to share Gustin’s thread of clips with a heartfelt message:


Feige is right: There’s something magical about being part of an audience like this. Hopefully, it’s not too far off that we’ll be able to experience a bit of collective magic like this again...but as long as it’s far off enough that it still doesn’t feel like playing with fire to take a gamble on being part of that magic.


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Krelm XXI

I usually hate when people cheer or clap or talk or interact with the film in any way at the theater while I am also there but I will say that it was an absolute treat to be part of the audience for this and Infinity War. Truly something special.