Hot Wheels' Age Of Ultron Toys Are... Certainly Something

You know how it is when a big blockbuster is on the horizon - toy tie-ins everywhere! Avengers: Age Of Ultron is no exception. Sometimes these are pretty damn great, but sometimes... sometimes they are like these Hot Wheels toys.

Let's start with the less weird one, pictured above, the 'Tower Takeover Track Set', which sees Ultron attacking the Avengers tower, and being stopped by... an Iron Man-themed car? Here's the description:

Ultron has taken over Avengers Tower and is threatening anyone who comes his way. Wind up the motor to set Ultron in motion. Then use the multispeed launcher to send your Iron Man car whipping around the track at lightning-fast speeds. Uh-oh. Will Iron Man or Ultron win this showdown? Time it wrong and Ultron will send his powerful robot arms swinging back and forth to fling you off the track! Get your speed and timing right and save the day, defeating Ultron and making him explode. With so much at stake, it's a thrilling action-packed adventure from beginning to end!


So basically, it's flinging a car at a spinning fulcrum of Iron Man and Ultron. Somehow I do not think this one is movie accurate, but then again - I totally could imagine Tony having an Iron Man themed car. But the fun and/or weirdness doesn't stop there!

Somehow, this is the second Quinjet toy we've seen that launches a bike out of itself, and yet neither have actually used the character we've seen doing that in the movie, Black Widow. I'm not sure why. But anyway, aside from the complete absurdity of Iron Man needing to launch himself on a motorbike, why does Tony look so... shapely in that armour? You can totally make out Iron Man's butt crack. Why. Also what the hell is that piece LITERALLY STICKING OUT OF IRON MAN'S SHAPELY BUTT. These are the things that keep me awake at night, naturally.

Both these two sets come out in May, but if you're yearning for your movie merchandise right now despite said movie being five months away, apparently you can get Age of Ultron toys in stores right now. Twitter user UnBLESSEDdata noticed these plus sized toys in his local Walmart yesterday:


Five months away people! Still, that Hulkbuster toy looks pretty damn rad.

[CBM, Hulkbuster Toy pictures via Toyark]

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