Hourglass Nightlight Keeps the Bogeyman Away

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Most fraidy-cats still need a light on when they go to sleep—to keep that monster living under the bed at bay—and if you're one of those unfortunate souls you might like (nay, need) this Hourglass Nightlight by Sun Young Lee that saves energy by only staying lit as long as you need it. Turn it upside down and its sand functions as a switch, keeping it shining as long as the sand runs through.


The concept is that is by the time you go to sleep, the sand has run out and the night light goes off, saving a token, and perhaps symbolic, amount of electricity. There's precious little information available about the design, but we're assuming there must be efficient LEDs providing the illumination, and they won't need a whole lot of battery power to keep this attractive fixture lit each night. [Yanko Design]

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I understand the desire to sound smarter by insulting the ideas of others, but I'm not sure the same end effect can be expected by pointing out the flaws in your own idea.

I mean, who are you trying to sound smarter than? Yourself?

(and, no, I will not ignore any part of your "whatever you can do, I can do better" post)