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How Are You Holding Your iPad?

Illustration for article titled How Are You Holding Your iPad?

Before it was announced, we mocked up a crude iPad to test some basic tablet ergonomics. It was awkward! (And oddly sensual!) Now that I have my iPad, I still don't know: How are we supposed to hold it?


Our original mockup might've been a little off—our aspect ratio was closer to widescreen than the iPad's, and we assumed there would be a smaller bezel—but it was close enough to get the point across. The point, of course, is that there are very few graceful, sustainable ways to hold a flat piece of glass and metal. Apple's folding case helps a bit, but it's a crutch. So, commenters, how are you tableting? Or just as importantly, what ways did you think would work that just...don't? Don't be shy with photos. [Tablet Sutra]

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I would put it on my lap if there's no table around HOWEVER I would worry incessantly that the radiation is making me sterile.

I read this line somewhere and it has ruined all attempts of me ever putting en electronic device on my lap.

"The combination of heat generated by the computers and the posture needed to balance the equipment on the lap leads to raised temperatures around the scrotum, a study has found. Past research shows that higher scrotal temperatures can damage sperm and affect fertility"